What is depression and how do we treat it?

In the last two decades, modern society has used the term "depression" very frequently, this term being used to describe a wide range of negative moods experienced by a person. To understand exactly what depression is, it must be said that it is defined as that fall or slip from an initial state of some balance to a state of imbalance, to a state of psychic negativity. In other words, depression means losing balance and slipping into a state of mental degradation.

Even though depression is a term commonly used in modern society, it must be said that it is as old as humanity and has a close connection with human suffering. According to current statistics worldwide, there are over 350 million people who have been diagnosed with some form of depression. A depressed person is characterized by seeing only the dark side of the world and helplessness in relation to himself, others and the whole world. Depression is not a disease, but a suffering caused by various states of discomfort, these states being always accompanied by the attitude of giving up.

Causes of depression

When we talk about the causes that lead to depression we have in mind a lot of causes and different contexts that can aggravate this suffering, not being a predominantly common cause for depression. Depression starts from a belief that puts the person in a position where he cannot face reality so he gives up and becomes a victim. The person suffering from depression is really "paralyzed" by the idea of refusing any action, any choice, having a completely negative outlook on life.

In cadrul cauzelor depresiei pot fi mentionate carente alimentare, evenimente care au dezechilibrat viata, existenta unui istoric familial, traiul intr-un mediu gestionat de persoane depresive, diferiti factori de stres major precum decesul unei persoane dragi sau pierderea locului de munca, dar si factorul de stres prelungit precum saracia,singuratatea,o boala grava sau dependenta de alcool sau droguri. Exista inclusiv depresia post partum ca o situatie de schimbare brusca a vietii, depresia post natala fiind descrisa printr-un grad mai mare de iritabilitate, fluctuatii ale dispozitiei, schimbari hormonale sau tulburari de somn.

Symptoms of depression

There are several symptoms specific to depression and they vary from person to person. The symptoms of depression are both psychological and physical. Thus we talk about psychological symptoms such as permanent sadness, feeling of helpless and weakness, low self-esteem, inability to make decisions, lack of desire for life, anxiety or worry, the existence of suicidal thoughts or self-harm. On the other hand, depression also comes with certain physical symptoms such as changes in appetite or weight, constipation, diffuse pain in different parts of the body and frequent sleep disorders. All or some of these symptoms can lead to the diagnosis of depression, and if these symptoms are experienced for more than two consecutive weeks it is recommended to seek specialist help. In the case of treating depression there are different types of therapies used. You can opt for antidepressant medication and psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is considered by research in the field as the most effective method of treatment for depression.

Tratamente pentru depresie

Cu toate ca de multe ori cei care sufera de depresie apeleaza la familie sau la prieteni, trebuie subliniat faptul ca aceasta suferinta necesita sprijin din partea medicilor si psihoterapeutilor. Depresia nu se vindeca de la sine si trebuie privita ca o suferinta care necesita atentie sporita si ajutor de specialitate, fiind o afectiune tratabila mai ales daca tratamentul este inceput devreme.

In cazul tratarii depresiei exista diferite tipuri de terapii utilizate. Se poate opta pentru medicatie cu antidepresive si pentru psihoterapie. Psihoterapia este considerata de cercetarile in domeniu ca fiind cea mai eficienta metoda de tratament in cazul depresiei. Solutiile psihoterapeutice propuse de echipa noastra sunt foarte variate si sunt adesea combinate intr-o maniera complet noua in vedere gasirii celei mai eficiente solutii intr-un timp cat mai scurt pentru a trata orice pacient care sufera de depresie.